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Roles & Responsibilities

Prototype Developer / UX Designer
December 2013 → January 2016
As part of the User Experience team, I worked with the Product and UX teams to research define our users’ needs and design intuitive and effective solutions to improve their experience. I worked closely with Product Managers to create interactive prototypes. For the project, I designed the user experience and worked with our offshore developers based in Romania to build, polish, and deliver the microsite in Nov 2015 to great response from our customer base.

Intern, Product Management
July 2013 → November 2013
As Intern on the Product Management team, I created an extensive inventory of 200+ Balsamiq Mockups wireframes to provide the Product Managers with more efficiently communicating their new features and enhancements ideas. I participated in introducing and creating interactive prototypes for use in internal and external discussions about proposed features and enhancements to our product.

Projects Microsite User Experience Design & Delivery
Trust Project Page | Live Site
A brand new microsite where clients and the public can view the current and historical status data of the BlackLine application and learn about company policies. As UX Designer, I completed its UX design, created project assets (site flows, wireframes, prototypes, and specs), and collaborated with Product Management and Development resources on its delivery and launch.

Quick Create Global Navigation Icon & Dropdown
We added an icon and dropdown to the global navigation that gave users the ability to work on tasks that previously required drilling down several layers into the application. I custom-created the icon and applied pre-existing global navigation design language to the dropdown.

Axure RP Interactive Prototypes
I created pixel-perfect interactive prototypes for the Product Managers to use in presenting concepts for enhancements and new products to inform and collect feedback from internal and external parties.
Interactive prototypes created for Daily Recs, Application Header redesign, Tasks Link to Journals, and more. (Due to NDA, I cannot share these online.)

Balsamiq Mockups
I created 200+ Balsamiq Mockups for the Product Management team to use in creating documentation of current feature enhancements and new feature creation. I maintained a detailed Excel spreadsheet with details of the complete mockups inventory and updated the mockups as needed. I assisted Product Managers with using the mockups and the Balsamiq application.

SmartPros LMS Implementation
I worked with the Training team to design the best user experience for its implementation of the SmartPros Learning Management System (LMS) for serving up eLearning resources to clients and BlackLine employees. I proposed user flows for users and admins, and also provided recommendations on how to best use its customization options to accomplish functional and visual changes that align with BlackLine’s brand.

User Conference Usability Lab Deliverables
UC 2014 | Interactive prototypes
UC 2015 | Lab greeting screen

Software Used & Assets Created

Adobe Creative Cloud | Visual design comps and specs, icons, videos
Axure RP | Flow diagrams, wireframes, interactive prototypes for both internal use and client testing
InVision | Interactive prototypes
Balsamiq | Low-fidelity wireframes
Atlassian JIRA | Issue tickets
Atlassian Confluence | Detailed specifications and design assets, market research write-ups

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