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Project Description

Our team worked in collaboration with 2K Games and Firaxis Games on a Civilization V game modification designed to bring awareness of human trafficking to the player through a focus on the interactions and game mechanics. The mod engages and challenges the player’s creativity with multiple ways to play and win. The player’s choices over the course of the game determine the magnitude of the impact of the human trafficking that occurs. They can then share their post-game experiences via Facebook and also create their own maps to further the discussion.

Our team had the opportunity to go to Firaxis Games where we presented about our game mod to their team and provide a live demonstration of how it worked. We received a strong positive response from them about the effectiveness of our mod to evoke emotions and ideas about the subject matter being presented to the player.

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Role & Responsibilities

As Producer, I planned out the project semester timeline as well as acted as a point of contact between the team and our clients 2K Games and Firaxis Games. I assisted my fellow team members with organizing and prioritizing their tasks. I wrote and distributed weekly newsletters to report on our project’s progress and also discuss any challenges that we encountered. At the end of the project, I compiled and submitted the project documentation and archives.

Software Used & Assets Created

Hansoft | task organization & team collaboration
Photoshop & Microsoft Word | weekly newsletters
Windows Explorer | project documentation & archives DVD