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Project Description

Based out of the EA headquarters in Redwood Shores, the iAchieve team worked with GlassLab on a tablet-based data visualization application where middle-school students view and explore their academic data on their own. Through the app, students are able to discover their strengths and areas needing reinforcement, and are guided to resources where they can improve upon their weak points.

iAchieve project website

Role & Responsibilities

As one of two Producers on the team, I coordinated team efforts in developing our iPad app for visualization of middle school students’ academic data. I ensured that our team members had the technology and resources necessary to complete their work. I composed and formatted weekly newsletters for distribution to ETC faculty and external parties in order to keep them updated on our progress and challenges we faced. I also organized and maintained the project documentation and archives.

Software Used & Assets Created

Photoshop + Microsoft Word | iAchieve weekly newsletters
Google Docs | project documentation, meeting agendas and notes
Windows Explorer | documentation and archives DVD creation