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Project Description

For the Oceanus 4 semester, we completed two interactive experiences created for display at the World Expo 2012 in Yeosu, Korea. As the final chapter of this four-semester project, our team was responsible for completing the design and development of two large-crowd interactive experiences, obtaining sign-off on our deliverables from the Organizing Committee for Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea, and ensuring their successful installation on the server at the Expo site in Yeosu. We had a four-person project team based in Osaka with a 12-person support team with members based in Pittsburgh and Osaka.

The two interactive experiences that we worked on are EDG Twitter and Magic Tiles.

EDG Twitter
EDG Twitter is an animated visualization of a Twitter feed in which colorful koi paint tweets as they swim across the screen. The lily pads provide guests with animated instructions and hashtags that pertain to the expo to include in their messages. Our database pulls the tweets from Twitter using the hashtag technology, filters out the ones containing unwanted language, and sends them to be painted on the screen.

Magic Tiles
Magic Tiles is an augmented reality experience that allows for guests of all ages and capabilities to interact with the on-screen virtual characters. Network cameras capture their movements, which trigger the animals to bounce back and forth above them on the screen.

Oceanus 4 project website

Roles & Responsibilities

As Producer, I coordinated our Osaka team’s efforts in developing, testing, and installing the two large-crowd interactive experiences that were displayed on the centrally-located Expo Digital Gallery canopy LED display (218m x 30m) at the Expo 2012 in Yeosu Korea.

I wrote and distrbuted weekly newsletters to provide updates to ETC faculty and other parties on our progress over the course of the past week along with any challenges that we faced. I created and updated the Oceanus 4 project website to promote the project and store media resources including the newsletters and project videos.

As artist, I designed the Oceanus 4 team logo to give our project semester its own identity separate from the three semesters that had come before. I digitally drew 2D textures for our fish, bubble, and tile assets. I created 3D tile models.

Software Used & Assets Created

Photoshop | Oceanus 4 project team logo, EDG Twitter fish textures, EDG Twitter bubble textures, Magic Tile transparent tile textures
Autodesk 3ds Max | 3D tile models
Microsoft Word | weekly newsletters
WordPress | Oceanus 4 project website