University of Southern California Roski School of Fine Arts

FA-332a: Typography Final Assignment

Bookman Old Style Bold Lowercase “I”
Media: cardboard, hot glue, acrylic paint, gel medium

While at USC, I enrolled in a typography class as an elective and to explore the use of type and fonts in design.

This piece was created in response to the final assignment, which asked us to create a letterform or several letters in a size that is at least 768 pts or larger. I decided to create a large-scale lowercase “I” in Bookman Old Style Bold that measured approximately two and a half feet tall. To do so, I first projected the letterform on a wall and traced the outline. I cut cardboard and hot-glued it together into the base form. I mixed gel medium and acrylic paint to create texture and spread it out on palettes to dry. I peeled the textured paint sheets off of the palettes and glued the peelings to the cardboard form using gel medium to do so.

Bookman Old Style Bold cardboard and paint letter sculpture